Ferretti Construction has established an international team able to design, engineer and manage complex industrial projects worldwide.



Ferretti Construction provides Clients with solutions that cover the whole project from design to construction. Engineering studies comprise the following:


  • Feasibility studies

Important aspects of such consultancy assignments may involve new Greenfield projects, project expansion or fast-track programs, as well as independent assessments and appraisals for financing purposes. Such consultancy starts with a simple basic engineering and may continue up to full range investigations.


  • Basic & Detail Engineering

Ferretti Construction provides preliminary, basic and detail engineering for entire plants including soil investigation, civil, structural, piping and mechanical engineering.

All these activities are carried out by modern and state-of-the-art 3D CAD systems executed in-house.

In the detail engineering phase all is studied in order to both reach a completed definition of the design and start the construction phase: this allows the Client to minimize the risks of future claims during the construction phase.



Ferretti Construction coordinates and manages Projects during their whole lifecycle. Since its establishment, Ferretti Construction has executed a number of EPCM projects worldwide.

At Ferretti Construction we believe that every plant is unique and requires an individual approach. Therefore, the Company provides specific solutions to each and every requirement our Clients may have. No matter it is a technological, budget, timing or organization issue, thanks to our renowned management skills we will be able to find out the best solution, always.

We have a staff of competent, professional and motivated Project Managers who are able to comply with all the obligations, the requested quality level, the Client’s deadlines, the approved budget and with the environmental sustainability and energy performance goals. Ferretti Construction Engineers are specialized in assisting customers in project management for new plants or in revamping of existing operations.

Our main responsibilities:

– General project planning

– Maintain a close relationship with Customer

– Ensure strict compliance with contractual and legal requirements

– Monitor quality assurance and control systems

– Provide reports to assure accurate information flow

– Submit detailed progress reports to Customer

– Project cost management

– Respond to any execution issues

– Consultancy and recommendations to Customer

– Reporting accumulative cash flow and anticipated cost to complete

– Project scheduling, monitor and programming to meet the milestones

– Preparation, submission and the follow up of the papers and documents required by the competent authorities for the execution of the Project

– Monitoring the legal deadlines imposed by the local authorities

– Organize regular project meetings, bid meetings, contract signing meetings

– Manage and supervise subcontractors during erection and construction works, together with all the services performed on site

– Implementation of the Project safety procedures

Ferretti Construction’s know-how is rooted in Industrial Construction. We were born to Engineer, Construct and Install Industrial Plants.


Drawing on  +100 years of experience, we have mastered a choice of tailor-made solutions to meet clients’ requirement and provide a single point of responsibility to minimise interface drawbacks.


Ferretti Construction carries out the following activities both as segments and, at the large end of the scale, on a Turn-key basis, where it has the full range of responsibility:


-Basic & Detail Engineering

-Civil Works (also on a Fast-track revamping basis)

-Mechanical & Piping Installation

-Project Management and Supervision services


Leveraging the company’s solid foundation of technical capabilities, Ferretti Construction excels at executing projects with Clients’ best interests in mind.

The company’s expertise in engineering & construction, as well as its well-established local presence in various markets enables the prompt mobilization of equipment. This coupled with the skills of a highly qualified team allows Ferretti Construction to complete every project with a “on a time and on a budget” approach and in comply with the highest HSE Standards.

When Customer’s project requires to revamp a plant (or a part of it), Ferretti Construction is able to take care of the whole revamping process achieving the target of reducing by 75% the intervention time normally required thanks to a specific pre-assembled foundation solution developed by its Engineering department: the FAST TRACK REVAMPING TECHNOLOGY. This combines with an accurate planning of the revamping process, organized in four phases independent from one another but linked by a common synergy:


1)        A carefully performed engineering planning

2)        Off-site prefabrication blocks

3)        On-site controlled demolition

4)        On-site construction and assembly works during the plant shut-down


In this way, it is possible to comply with accurately tight time-schedules, and taking advantages of the plant shut-down periods.



Ferretti Construction’s commitment to the environment has been integrated for years into the core business of the Group and it has resulted in the creation of a new department: the Buildings Energy Requalification division.

This division is entirely dedicated to the green construction, in light of the Green New Deal , and it is committed in providing construction services aimed at the energy efficiency improvements of buildings.

Through the use of the BIM methodology as a support tool for integrated design, we are able to redesign the existing as a function of its economic enhancement and to optimize its management and maintenance by providing information on individual components; managing the entire process from concept to realization.