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Fast-track revamping:
your new foundations
in 75% less time

When Customer’s project requires to revamp a plant (or a part of it), Ferretti Construction is able to take care of the whole revamping process achieving the target of reducing by 75%
the intervention time normally required thanks to a specific pre-assembled foundation solution developed by its Engineering department: the FAST TRACK REVAMPING TECHNOLOGY.

This combines with an accurate planning of the revamping process, organized in four phases independent from one another but linked by a common synergy:


A carefully performed engineering & planning


Off-site pre-assembly of foundations blocks


On-site controlled demolition and removal of the existing foundations


On-site blocks positioning and casting

In this way, it is possible to comply with accurately tight time-schedules,
and taking advantages of the plant shut-down periods.

Introduction to the fast-track revamping

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