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Construction & Installation

Ferretti Construction’s know-how is rooted in Industrial Construction. We were born to Engineer, Construct and Install Industrial Plants.

Drawing on +100 years of experience, we have mastered a choice of tailor-made solutions to meet clients’ requirement and provide a single point of responsibility to minimise interface drawbacks.

Ferretti Construction carries out the following activities both as segments and, at the large end of the scale, on a Turn-key basis, where it has the full range of responsibility:

Basic & Detail Engineering

Civil Works (Traditional and Fast-track)

Mechanical & Piping Installation

Project Management and Supervision services

Leveraging the company’s solid foundation of technical capabilities, Ferretti Construction excels at executing projects with Clients’ best interests in mind.

The company’s expertise in engineering & construction, as well as its well-established local presence in various markets enables the prompt mobilization of equipment. This coupled with the skills of a highly qualified team allows Ferretti Construction to complete every project with a “on a time and on a budget” approach and in comply with the highest HSE Standards.

Wire Rod Mill Revamping - Construction & Installation services

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