Rolling Mill Revamping

Wire Rod Mill

Concrete Structures for Coke Oven Battery N°10

Billet Welding Machine Revamping

Walking Beam Furnace

Wire Rod Mill Installation

EAF Revamping

Coke Oven Battery no. 10

Twin Ladle Furnace Installation

New Slitter Foundation

Glass Furnace Foundation

EAF No. 1 – Forced Draught Cooler

Wire Rod Mill and Meer Drive Installation

New Foundations for Heat Treatment Furnace

Structural refurbishment of water tunnel

Rolling Mill no.1 & no.2

Wire Rod Mill & Meer Drive Installation

Meer Drive’s foundations

Bar Mill Revamping

New BA5 Line – TurnKey Project

Complete Revamping of Furnace No.2

Revamping of Rolling Mill & New Billet Welding Machine

Roughing Mill Revamping

New Plate Mill

Wire Rod Mill Revamping

Wire Rod Mill Revamping

Steel Melt Shop and Rolling Mill

New Wire Rod Mill

New Wire Rod Mill

3D Engineering Models